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Atlantic (Atlantic-Watch Production Ltd)is a Swiss watchmaker. It was established in 1888 in Bettlach, near Grenchen (Switzerland) by Eduard Kummer. The company was initially trading as Eduard Kummer Bettlach (EKB). Later the name was changed to “Atlantic”. The company manufactured components for brands such as Longines and Certina until the early 1930s. In 1932, it began producing its own watches sold under the “Atlantic” brand. They were one of the world's first waterproof watches. In the 1950s, “Atlantic” invented the speed switch mechanism, allowing the date to be changed quickly using the crown (a feat comparable to the invention of the crown by Patek Philippe). The Worldmaster was the flagship “Atlantic” watch. “Atlantic” watches first appeared on the Polish market in 1950. From 1965 until the early 1990s, Atlantic watches were among the best-selling watches on the Polish market. Atlantic is a member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry (FHS). Atlantic watches such as the Delbana, Doxa or Tissot are budget brands. They were worn by our grandfathers and fathers. In Poland they have been and still are held in great esteem.

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We bring you the popular and internationally acclaimed Worldmaster family watches. They appeared on the Polish market in 1950, where they immediately won the hearts of true watch lovers and became a highly desirable and exclusive commodity. Between 1965 and 1990, the brand's timepieces were best sellers on the Polish market. And that is why Atlantic Worldmaster watches are still thought of as luxury, top-of-the-range meticulously crafted pieces. We have two classic models, which will augment every outfit and go well with an elegant suit or a more casual look. You can choose between a watch with a white dial and one with a black dial. Of course, both are made according to traditional Swiss methods, using the best materials to guarantee a long life and unrivalled timekeeping. Hard gemstones and precious metals used in making them guarantee that an Atlantic watch will function for a very long time. This is why these watches are known as “immortals”. This quality also means these watches are often passed down from generation to generation, making them an excellent gift for a special occasion. Be our guest and see these wonderful devices and movements for yourself. Feel free to choose the perfect Atlantic watch for you.