Meistersinger watches - the path to success

The Meistersinger manufacture was founded in 2001, in Muenster. Its watches are made in Switzerland. A single-hand is the hallmark of Meistersinger watches. Although telling the exact time may seem cumbersome, this ceases to be a problem after a short while. Watches for people who don't count seconds in life. High-quality workmanship, Swiss-made movements and an innovative approach to traditions from the early days of timekeeping have earned this company many major industry awards. For several years, Meistersinger also produced watches with a classic set of hands, but fortunately, as of 2014, it has returned to producing only single-hand watches.

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The Meistersinger watch and its history

Discover the origins of this watch brand name. The company's name is associated with the world of music, namely the 15th century German singers – master singers of poetry whose art played a huge role in the culture of German cities at the time. However, apart from the name, it is a typical watchmaker and this is what any watchmaking enthusiast will tell you. It is even safe to assume that any reasonably knowledgeable person picking up a single-hand watch will first think of this company. 

Meistersinger watches: German precision and unprecedented styling

Overall, this young German company is confirmation that precision workmanship and top quality do not necessarily have to come from Switzerland. The company shatters stereotypes, and its name is not the only reference to music. Also in the company logo above the name is the manufacturer's mark. A fermata - i.e., a symbol applied to the stave extends the duration of the musical note assigned to it. Back into the world of watches, Meistersinger is a true master of style and watchmaking craftsmanship. The first models were extremely elegant. Some claim that they also alluded to musical notation with their styling (white envelope and dial and black symbols). Notwithstanding this, it is the clarity and simplicity, which is certainly aided by the single-hand system on most models, that makes these watches highly prized by collectors. More surprisingly, the watchmaker has also introduced two-digit markings on the dial in the number range 1-9, preceded by a zero. It is details such as these that make the brand's watches completely unique and distinctive across the entire industry.

The Meistersinger watch - a universal rarity on a global scale!

All these qualities have ensured that, despite its late entry into the industry (2001), Meistersinger has captured the hearts of watchmaking fans around the world and is now one of the largest and most respected manufacturers in the industry. Already producing up to around 10,000 watches a year, the company continues to put precision and workmanship first. All their products are of the highest quality. We sincerely recommend all Meistersinger timepieces. We hope you'll find the perfect one for you!