Jaeger-LeCoultre: the most famous watch manufacture 

Talking about the history of this company, you have to look far back into the past. Indeed, the first references to the LeCoultre family saga are from the 16th century! However, the brand's watchmaking history obviously begins much later. The current company name dates back to 1925. It was then that master watchmaker Edmont Jaeger and his partner Antoine LeCoultre joined forces and together founded a company to produce these high-quality watches. Combining their names resulted in the coining of the manufacture’s contemporary name.

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 A Jaeger-LeCoultre watch – simply exceptional!

Driving through the Joux Valley, a veritable watchmaking basin that some even call the ”Valley of Watches”, it is impossible not to notice the company's modern headquarters. Signs of history can be seen at almost every step. It is hard to believe that the history of this enormous company began in a small country house, where Antoine LeCoultre worked laboriously on timepieces.  The recently expanded Jaeger-LeCoultre watch manufacture is hugely impressive from the outside and from the inside too. The intricate connections between buildings, and the huge number of stairs and corridors, are very impressive. Everywhere history in intertwined with the present and modernity with long-standing tradition.

Evolution – timeless Jaeger-LeCoultre watches

In 1931, the company gained recognition after designing the revolutionary Reverso model. It was a timepiece designed for athletes that allowed the entire watch body to be rotated to protect the crystal. The success of this model was followed by other men's watches, which featured more and more complications as well as women's timepieces. Women's models are world-famous for their small size, and the Calibre 101 is to this day the smallest movement in the world. Discover more about the brand and its products and purchase a watch made by this company!