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The Longines watch brand was founded in 1832. Throughout almost 200 years its owners as well as its name changed but it is still the market leader and a highly respected watchmaker. A key moment came in 1893, when the brand was added to the register of the Swiss International Intellectual Property Office, at the time becoming the oldest legally protected watch brand in the world. It is worth pointing out that the company has been meticulously noting the serial numbers of every watch issued since 1867, so that every wearer is guaranteed a service that is valued the world over. This also makes it possible to check for authenticity. Extremely precise craftsmanship is the hallmark of this brand. The company is fully committed to quality and durability of its products.

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Longines watches at moments in history

The Longines brand guaranteed accurate timekeeping during the 1952 Winter Olympics in Oslo. The brand's watches were also used in an attempt to complete the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean. Lessons learned regarding the performance of watches in these (undoubtedly) harsh atmospheric conditions were applied during their subsequent improvement. Longines has been the official timekeeper at major world-class sporting events for many decades. It is also a valued partner of international sports federations. Perfect timekeeping accuracy have made Longines a partner and timekeeper at so many events over the years. Some of the models have a vibration frequency that ensures they are accurate to one minute over a five-year period. Others in the series with calendars have systems that guarantee the correct calculation of leap days and months up to the year 2100. It is innovation that has allowed the Longines brand to become a watchmaking powerhouse and a watch industry leader.

Longines – adored by celebrities

The Longines brand is loved by celebrities and stars and has many ambassadors among them. Kate Winslet, Mikaela Shiffrin, Stefanie Graf or Andre Agassi are just a few famous people who appreciate the beauty and reliability of Longines watches.

And we must not forget that Albert Einstein also owned two Longines watches, one was a pocket watch and the other a wristwatch. In 2008 the latter was auctioned for $600,000. Charles Lindbergh – an American aviation pioneer, the first person to cross the Atlantic ocean in an aeroplane in 1927, also owned a Longines watch.

Most popular Longines watches

Longines' best-known watches are:

  • Lindbergh Hour Angle
  • Weems
  • Comet
  • and the quite recently released HydroConquest, which has become popular on account of its interesting blue dial and water resistance of up to 300 metres.

Longienes watches feature a stylish design – they are elegant and timeless. The brand relies on precious materials such as gold, stainless steel, hesalite glass, saffron glass and natural leather. These materials guarantee imperishable beauty of Longines watches and result in an exceptionally long life. It is all these qualities that make the company's watches so very special and appreciated by the world's most magnificent individuals. This makes us absolutely certain that Longines watches are an excellent choice, and the company itself crafts the best movements from the best materials, thus maximising their durability and precision.