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The watchmaking precision that the Tissot brand has been delivering since 1853 is within our customers’ reach. Sold in more than 160 countries around the world, these timepieces are highly functional, incredibly designed, reliable, elegant and available at an affordable price. The cross in the logo stands for Swiss quality and the best grade materials. It is this perfection of craftsmanship that makes the brand internationally respected and recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of top-quality watches.

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Tissot – the perfect watch for everyone

In fact, Tissot watches are made in such a way that regardless of the purpose and function of a watch, any person, regardless of their social status, can wear such a timepiece with grace and pride. Whether you treat them as an elegant formal accessory, a piece of jewellery for important business meetings or as a great gadget for everyday activities, these watches are perfect with any look. The variety of models available ensures that there is a watch for every occasion.

It is also worth mentioning that the Tissot brand is the official timekeeper of the NBA and MotoGP racing. This incredible distinction demonstrates the great value and global recognition of the company. The official timekeeping at such an important competition sends a clear signal that the brand's timing is perfect. In this type of sport, even milliseconds count, and Tissot manages to fit into the style of accurately checking all measurements. The brand is also the Tour de France timekeeper. Very strong links to the world of sport are reflected in the design and functions of all Tissot watches. This is because all the timepieces they make are highly specialised, often featuring a range of very advanced mechanical functions.

The Heritage and classic models are not lagging behind either. Precision craftsmanship means perfect timekeeping is the norm for these watches. All of the watches are very robust, and their workmanship often alludes to amazing events or people with whom the company has interacted over the years. Feel free to choose and purchase your own Tissot watch. Quality, elegance and grace combined with perfect workmanship guaranteed!