Eberhard & Co. watches - a history

The Eberhard & Co watch brand was founded in 1887 by Georges Eberhard, in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds. Eberhard & Co watches are timeless classic chronographs and feature pioneering solutions not used by other watchmakers (Chrono 4). The Eberhard & Co brand had extensive dealings with Italy. It was already supplying watches for Italian government ministries as early as in the 1920s and 30s. It can be considered the first watch company to take pride in its roots and celebrate the best designs during the heyday of traditional watchmaking. Today, most watch manufacturers have Heritage models. Eberhard has always been doing it. As the brand has no official branch (although for a while Eberhard & Co watches were available in Polish showrooms) in our country, it is not very popular, but watchmaking fans hold it in high esteem.

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Exceptional Eberhard & Co. Watches – find out the secret to their success

Even a newby timekeeper fan can recognise the prestige inherent in this extremely exclusive Swiss brand. Eberhard & Co watch movements are extremely advanced and are among the world's best when it comes to timekeeping accuracy and precision. A company with a very long tradition, as the chronograph manufactory founded as early as in the 19th century is still one of the most important Swiss watchmaking plants today. It is not at all necessary to write at length about the Swiss quality of Eberhard & Co watches, but it is worth mentioning that Eberhard & Co watches are among the most prestigious Swiss watch manufacturers as well.

The wonderful history of Eberhard & Co. timepieces

From 1968 onwards, Eberhard watches began to beat at a rate of 36,000 oscillations per hour, resulting in an even more accurate time measurement. It was this watchmaker that spearheaded the creation of a chronograph with a stopwatch function, which, thanks to the use of two buttons, allowed time to be stopped without having to reset it. The company has a host of other very significant moments in its history, not only because of the history of Eberhard & Co watches, but general universal history. This is what makes it a watch brand that with a permanent place in watchmaking nomenclature. It is internationally renowned for its quality, not only as a watch manufacturer, but also as a fashion designer and a brand with a great influence on a whole spectrum of related industries. An Eberhard & Co watch will become a wonderful and a very personal item and even a symbol for years to come!