Innovative Rolex watches

The Rolex brand was founded relatively late compared to other watchmakers as only in 1905,. However, it quickly found a following and grew to become the largest watchmaker in the world.
Rolex watches come in a wide variety of price brackets, some reaching several hundred thousand dollars. And all due to the exceptional movements, as well as the precious materials used in production. Stainless steel, sapphire crystal, gold, mother-of-pearl or alligator skin are just a few examples of the materials used in the making of Rolex watches.

The Rolex brand is known for innovation – it is to Rolex that we attribute watches with a waterproof case or date on the dial. Watches showing time from two time zones is also the work of this brand.

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Milestones in the history of Rolex watches

Rolex wristwatches were the first to be awarded the Chronometer title to acknowledge their incredible accuracy. Perhaps that is why Edmund Hillary, the first person to climb Everest, carried a watch by this very brand.

Rolex watches have also been tested in submersibles, at very great depths – as deep as 11 km below sea level. Most importantly, both underwater and after surfacing, despite the extreme pressures, they worked flawlessly.

Rolex watches – exceptional designs

These are just a few events in the brand's history that bear witness to the quality of these exceptional timepieces. However, it is worth noting their aesthetic dimension, as it is safe to say that it is the Rolex brand that is the trendsetter in the world of watchmaking. Here, classic lines come together with utility, making Rolex designs timeless. Sleek shapes, clear dials, both in minimalist and more ornate versions, interesting colour combinations, are just a few noteworthy aspects.