Elegant Cartier watches

Cartier was established in 1847 and still has its head office in Paris. Today, as a company, it is affiliated with the Swiss Richemont Group. It was Louis Cartier who made one of the first Cartier wristwatches and ushered in their era. The company is renowned for its legendary and internationally recognised watch design.

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Cartier watch collection: Santos

The history of the Cartier Santos collection is as unique as the watch created by Cartier itself. Friendship with Albert Santos Dumont was very important for Louis Cartier. In the early 20th century, to check the time one had to reach into one’s pocket and pull out a watch. With a gift for a friend in mind, Louis Cartier created one of the first wristwatches. Santos himself suggested the idea because, as a pilot, he found it difficult to use a pocket watch while piloting and needed something more functional.

The designed piece was one of the important developments in the history of prominent watchmakers. This revolutionary Cartier watch was launched in 1904. Today there are three collections inspired by the Santos de Cartier watch: Santos de Cartier Galbée, Cartier Santos 100 and Cartier Santos Dumont. And those are complemented by a series for women – Cartier Santos Demoiselle watches. These models are firmly inscribed in the history of watchmaking.

The jewelled beauty of a Cartier watch

Cartier wristwatches were already being made much earlier as elegant jewellery designed for ladies. Then came the Santos collection and made history by popularising a watch for men that can be worn and used every day.

Cartier is not only famous for luxury watches, but also for fine jewellery. The company is considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious jewellery makers. Cartier products were often purchased by royal families. It ranks high on Forbes' list of most valuable brands.

Cartier watches a favourite amongst by celebrities

The Panthère collection made its début in 1917. It was one of the finest watch collections of its time. The elegant style and iconic design were so popular that the brand decided to release a new edition. Tina Turner was amongst those with a keen eye for Cartier watches. The Tank Watch featuring a square dial with Roman numerals was another important model for the brand. It evolved over time and enjoyed unwavering interest from customers. This Cartier watch was worn by Jackie Kennedy, Michelle Obama, Elizabeth Taylor and Catherine Deneuve, to name a few.