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This exclusive Swiss brand was founded relatively recently, in 1980, by Carlo Crocco from Italy. It was then that this watchmaker made a watch with a gold case and a rubber strap. This was the first time this type of combination has ever been attempted, and the distinctive black rubber strap has become a symbol of the brand.

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Quality Hublot watches

The brand was enthusiastically received by members of royal families, as well as celebrities from around the world. Carlo Rocco took a risk and in just a few years the brand joined the ranks of elite watchmaking companies from around the world. After three years of work, the desired result –a unique strap – was achieved.

In the 1990s, under the brand’s influence, other watchmakers also turned their attention to rubber. Hublot, is one of the few watchmakers with an unwavering dedication to innovation and uniqueness. Some of the limited edition models not only feature very bold shapes or details. Entire timepieces are made using innovative solutions and designs.

A new look Hublot watch

In May 2004, Jean-Claude Biver replaced Rocco to become the company's new CEO. This gave the watchmaker renewed momentum and a burst of growth. This change was necessary to ensure harmonious and stable growth. The company under his leadership receives many prestigious awards and distinctions every year, and the models created by the brand impress with an interesting approach to the subject of timepieces and a constantly surprising design. We highly recommend the brand's watches, which, with their design and superior product quality, are capable of impressing not only connoisseurs and users, but also those who are not so well versed when it comes to watchmaking.