Class and quality - a Tudor watch

The Swiss brand TUDOR stands not only for a combination of chic and elegance, but above all precision and top-quality workmanship. These are not just words, as this brand, which can be traced back to 1926, has over the years accumulated many fans who can appreciate the craftsmanship of the product and the utmost perfection of all elements – including the movement. The design of all Tudors watches is also timeless – not only do they look very modern, but the colours and designs used are made in such a way that they will always remain fashionable and look very impressive.

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The secret of Tudor watches

Owned by ROLEX, the TUDOR brand was founded in Geneva and began by supplying numerous components for ROLEX watches. It was the boss of this company who saw an opportunity to make a slightly cheaper collection of watches, accessible to a wider range of people. As a result, over time TUDOR became a brand in its own right, its parts were manufactured separately. Despite a lower price, these timepieces are also of the highest quality and have their own unique character and personality.

Tudor watches - quality and value for money

For many connoisseurs this brand is an opportunity to own a watch of equally superior quality but purchased at a moderate price. This makes TUDOR appear to be a rational choice for all those who value functionality and high-class products without, however, having to pay for the empty prestige associated with ownership. However, the best Tudor watches are a testament to the fact that precision and perfection go hand in hand. This is what the TUDOR brand stands for – both in terms of the movements and the designs.