The most precise Franck Muller watches

        Franck Muller watches are known not only for their exceptional quality, which is the envy of many a watchmaker from all over the world, but also for their extremely sophisticated movements. The Franck Muller watch manufactory was founded in Geneva by Franck Muller and Vartan Sirmakes with the aim of making exclusive timepieces featuring a complex movement and an exceptional design. Their many skills in this area allowed them to design watches that were recognised all over the world. Subsequently the company began to grow very quickly.

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An abridged history of Franck Muller watches

        Although the company does not have a centuries-old tradition, it is emphatically one of the best watchmakers of today. Franck Muller brand watchmakers quickly acquired the necessary know-how to craft exceptionally beautiful and precise timepieces, made of only the highest quality components and materials. Extraordinary ornamental forms and unusual shapes are the hallmark of Franck Muller watches.

        Double-sided chronographs, models with inverted numerals, a perpetual calendar, different time zones, moon phases or unique decorations are just some of the ideas used in Franck Muller watches. The company's designers are exceptionally creative. The finesse of Franck Muller watches gives an impression of design concepts without boundaries.

        From an early age, watch brand owner and founder Franck Muller showed unparalleled inventiveness when crafting watches and a talent for designing them. His first successes came during when he was still at university. His timepieces were spotted by professors and mentors and won numerous awards and prizes. Franck Muller unveiled his first watch in 1992. At the time, his designs were full of elegance and simplicity, but this was not what he was looking for. His subsequent collections featured much bolder and provocative models, sometimes even surreal or avant-garde.

A Franck Muller watch - perfection each and every time

        Each component must carry a guarantee of the highest quality, and the form in which these amazing movements are encapsulated must be as refined and unique as possible. This is what makes Franck Muller watches so special. However, it is worth mentioning that customers who appreciate the classics will not be disappointed either. These watches are for everyone. Some stimulate the imagination and others are more subdued. Connoisseurs all over the world are fascinated by Franck Muller watches. Discover their collections for yourself, choose a personal and unique Franck Muller watch and revel in its quality for years to come!