Omega watches - an industry phenomenon

Omega watches are some of the most commonly seen timepieces worn by celebrities, actors and people of power. This brand is very popular, as it combines the quality and precision attributed to the most luxurious watchmakers with a relatively reasonable price.

James Bond, the film hero adored by a large number of cinema goers, actresses Nicole Kidman and Cindy Crawford, Prince William or President John F. Kennedy, all wore Omega watches.

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Milestones in the history of the Omega watch brand

The history of the brand is intricate and began in a home “manufactory” where Louis Brandt assembled watches in winter, which he would then sell in the summer, travelling around the countries of Europe. Since then, Omega has had a number of wonderful moments which have left a mark on world history.

Omega watches were the first on the moon, as they were chosen for the Apollo programme by NASA. This mission used the Speedmaster Professional timepiece, which is now known as the Omega “Moonwatch”.

Omega was the official timekeeper at the 2010 Winter Olympics. This meant it guaranteed maximum timekeeping accuracy, even during highly variable environmental conditions.

An Omega watch – contemporary style, exceptional quality

Omega watches come in a wide variety of forms – on bracelets, leather straps, diamond-studded, with a round or square case. However, they all exhibit a timeless design. They are the perfect male accessory, one that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Omega watches feature a number of interesting solutions, such as fluorescent hands and markers for telling the time in the dark. Although the brand is committed to impeccable quality and classic lines, it keeps up with the latest trends to best meet its customers' expectations.