Discover Patek Philippe watches

Patek Philippe is known across the globe as one of the most exclusive watch brands. No wonder, as these watches look like small works of art. Precision, careful design, but also the exquisite materials from which they are made, arouse the admiration and interest of world-class celebrities and businessmen.

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Patek Philippe – unique watch functions

Watches by this luxury brand feature with additional functions that require great precision to manufacture. The tourbillon is one example. It is designed to nullify the effect of gravity, which can contribute to watch errors, especially after prolonged operation in a vertical position. Another additional feature sometimes used in Patek Philippe watches is the repeater function which makes it possible for a watch to chime the time.

A Polish thread in the history of Patek Philippe watches

When it comes to Patek Philippe, there is something we simply have to say. And why is that you might ask. It started with two Poles. Antoni Patek, who fought in the November Uprising and was awarded the Gold Cross of the Virtuti Militari, and Franciszek Czapek, a watchmaker of Czech origin, founded a small enterprise in Geneva, which subsequently grew to what it is today. A French engineer, Adrian Philippe, joining the team to create an innovative system for setting the watch with the crown was a key moment in the history of Patek Philippe. It was the accuracy of A. Philippe and the artistic sense of A. Patek that made the brand's watches into the most prestigious and perfect in the world.