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One of the most luxurious and prestigious watchmakers in the world. It was already established in 1755! It was then that Jean-Marc Vacheron set up a watchmaking workshop in Geneva. His grandson Jacques Barthelemy teamed up with François Constantin in 1819 and together they laid the foundations for the brand's global success. The first wristwatches appeared around 1889, and a year later, the company began decorating its models with a cross-shaped logo, a feature that adorns the crowns of these watches to this day. Vacheron Constantin made unique bespoke watches. At the same time this is the oldest continuously operating watch manufactory.

These exclusive watches symbolise prestige, elegance and good taste. They are a product of skilled craftsmanship and perfect workmanship. In delivering extreme accuracy, for many years they have been enjoying a top market position.

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Incredible Vacheron Constantin watches – a luxury not for everyone

The Vacheron Constantin brand made what is probably the most famous pocket watch in the world. A Vacheron Constantin watch reference number 57260 is the most complicated watch ever made. It features as many as 57 complications, including a rattrapante chronograph, alarm clock, moon phase indicator and even a Jewish calendar. Its value is estimated at €5,000,000 and the design works took eight years.

Of course, the company has many more affordable models. However, they are all of the highest class, extremely accurate and perfectly crafted. This is what makes them one of the most desirable timepieces in the world.

Vacheron Constantin – the world’s most exclusive watch brand

Vacheron Constantin has the honour of making the most expensive watch of all time. Today the Kallista, a diamond watch produced in 1979, is valued at $11 million. These exorbitant amounts mean that only a few can afford a Vacheron Constantin watch. Most models are made to order and sometimes the waiting time is even up to a year. It is the ability to have a completely unique timepieces that fetches such prices. Also, the complex movements make these watches incredibly expensive. Indeed, it is worth mentioning that Vacheron Constantin is the maker behind all movements in its watches.

Vacheron Constantin watches were worn by individuals such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Princess Diana, Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and Pius XI. It is all these qualities that make the company's watches so very unique and desired. Nonetheless this is entirely justified, because given the history and the utmost accuracy and perfection of workmanship, a Vacheron Constantin watch is certainly worth owning!