Excellent Panerai watches

Panerai dates back to 1860. Since its inception, the company has been involved in the art of watchmaking whilst running a watchmaking school. In 1864, however, a special department was created to design and manufacture the necessary accessories for the Italian Navy. On behalf of this client, Officine Panerai began working on a project to equip divers with all the necessary instruments – depth gauges, compasses and waterproof wristwatches. Thus began the long adventure of Panerai watches with the navy.

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A Panerai watch – timeless precision

Although the Panerai brand is mainly seen as a manufacturer of exclusive wristwatches, it also had periods when it worked with the Navies of various countries. Fleets from all over the world were interested in Panerai products due to their excellent quality and precision. Panerai made handheld compasses, torches as well as torpedo sights. Interestingly, to this day Panerai’s Luminor watch is the only timepiece that can be wound underwater. The company achieved this with its patented crown seal system and its guard. This makes it the best classic diving watch. Until the mid-1980s, however, this was a military secret, and it was not until after 1993 that these watches began to reach civilian users. Today the company still supplies military grade solutions such as measurement systems, navigation, automation, dynamic positioning systems, torpedo sights and more.

The company's logo depicts two arrows – one pointing upwards, the other downwards. This symbolises precisely that the brand is present both under and above the water. Sylvester Stallone was a well-known brand ambassador. He helped spread the brand's products around the world and owned dozens of the Panerai watches.

Panerai watches – always unique

All these qualities make the Panerai brand truly unique on an industry-wide scale. The precision which is inherent in all of the company's devices means that it has been acknowledged even by industries inaccessible to ordinary civilian users. Now, however, you have an opportunity to own these great watches. We strongly encourage you to do so and wholeheartedly recommend Panerai watches!