Seiko watch - Japanese precision

Founded in 1881 by Kintarō Hattori, today the brand is still mainly involved watchmaking. The current company headquarters are located in the Minato district of Tokyo, Japan. They began making watches as early as in 1913, but the first branded watch was not released until 1924. A company from a far-away country has become equally attractive to foreign customers by combining Western European systems with their production methods. Seiko watches are true Japanese masterpieces that are certainly worth looking at when buying your own wristwatch.

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The craftsmanship of SEIKO's master watchmakers

Although – as already mentioned – this is not a Swiss company, its products are in no way inferior or worse than those of its competitors. Catching up with high industry standards has even made the products qualitatively comparable, and the components and movements used in their production are of the highest standard. The company began its watchmaking adventure by producing alarm clocks, but from the very beginning Hattori was aware of the difference in quality between his products and those from the West. So he made a decision to travel to Europe, where he was able to observe the production methods and to purchase modern machinery that would allow for a fully professional production of SEIKO watches. This has allowed the company to significantly raise standards and gain new experience and consequently to change its future direction.

All Seiko watch components are made in a single manufactory

The owner of this amazing brand also realised that in order to catch up with or remain ahead of its competitors technologically, he had to manufacture all the components in-house. These thoughts led to changes that allowed the first balance wheels and dials to be made. The same year, 1913, saw the first wristwatch, named Laurel. All its parts were made in the SEIKO factory. The subsequent systematic growth of the company throughout various periods in history made SEIKO a market leader. Despite many adversities (such as the bombing of the main factory and headquarters on 8 March 1945 during the Second World War – its total destruction forced the Hattori family to rise to the challenge and build a new building). 1969 was a breakthrough year – the company presented the first watch with a quartz movement. Unfortunately, at the time its price was extortionate.

To this day, SEIKO is an established and highly respected brand. As the official timekeeper of many sporting events, including the Olympics, it has experience in creating precise movements that measure time perfectly, and to this day all watches are still made from the best components and subassemblies.