Reliable Certina watches

Certina is a brand which stands for extraordinary quality and durability. It has also been active in the world of sport. This company has revolutionised the concept of sports watches by putting effort into making them as resistant to external factors as possible. In addition to the classic and elegant design, the watches feature innovations such as the Double Security system. This Swiss watchmaker is acknowledged all over the world. The Swiss Mode mark, which is a guarantee of high quality, stands testament to the reliability of Certina watches.

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Certina watches and their sporting nature

Certina watches are particularly desired by active people. The Japanese skier Miura had the DS Chronolympic model with him during the descent from Mount Everest. This confirmed the robustness of Certina watches. Implementing technology to show the human biorhythm was an important event in the company's history. The 1971 Certina Biostar watch was the first watch to feature such a function. The products offered by this brand are a favourite amongst many sporting champions. Belgian athlete Roger de Coster wore a Certina DS 288 watch when racing.

Other well-known Certina watches owners include Muhammad Ali, Mike Doohan as well as Collin McRae. Ole Einar Bjørndalen, an Olympic champion, became an official Certina brand ambassador.

This Swiss watch manufacturer was partnered up with the BMW Sauber F1 team. Racing driver Robert Kubica was the watchmaker’s official advertising face. Certina is still growing by ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

The Certina watch and its remarkable features

A distinguishing feature of Certina watches is water resistance to a depth of at least 100m. Percidrive technology is also incorporated in Certina watches. The movement delivers an accuracy of up to 1/100th of a second. There are Certina watches like the exemplary DS. 8 Chronograph Moon Phase displaying the phases of the moon. This shows the current phase in a dial aperture and is set taking into account the current lunar calendar. The Certina brand makes an effort to test models and delight customers with its attention to detail.

Certina delights with more than just robustness

The refined design of the dial makes it legible and visually well composed. The brand logo used since the 1960s is noteworthy. The turtle symbol, part of Certina’s corporate identity, adds to the impression of long lasting stability and durability. Perfectly refined movements and carefully designed dials will satisfy all fans of the art of watchmaking. Certina watches go well with elegant and sporty looks. One may say that they add a touch of chic and are at home whatever the occasion.