Classic vintage watches with a soul!

Take a look at our range of older, elegant suit watches. All the timepieces available from us are of the highest quality. Made by the best, renowned watchmakers of a bygone era. Most are preserved in a perfect condition and still have all the original parts. These are magnificent devices with amazing movements that will certainly bring joy for many decades to come. In terms of the quality-price ratio, we offer the best value for money when it comes to specific models. It is worth remembering that all these watches are unique!

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Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

Old vintage watches, wonderful timepieces to cherish for years to come!

They are also a wonderful gift idea. Every collector or even a person familiar with watches will not only appreciate their sentimental value, but also their timeless technical solutions. They represent the top-end watches from their respective production periods, utilising the best materials and technical solutions. This is why the watches we stock have survived for so long in a top-notch condition. This is also because all our watches are thoroughly inspected, and their previous owners have looked after them really well. And it goes without saying that such items deserve respect from their owners. This means that they are maintained as should be.

All the watches available on our website are from top Swiss brands. These models often feature cases made of gold or other precious metal, and movement components are crafted using highest quality, abrasion-resistant materials (including gemstones). This is what makes these watches run faultlessly for so many years. The dials in our watches are also meticulously preserved. No restoration as is needed, the faces are clear, the markers and hands are in an outstanding condition. This testifies to the exceptional care and careful handling by the previous owner.

We meticulously check each end every watch. All timepieces we sell (including vintage watches) come with a guarantee. This type of a watch can add an incredible amount of elegance, class and chic to even the simplest attire, making the wearer feel very precious in every setting.

A well preserved watch from that period in a good technical state is a real treasure. Timepieces from bygone eras are even more valuable as it is impossible to make them anymore. These watches can endure longer than an average person's lifetime, making them into ideal heirlooms that are passed down from generation to generation. It is a beautiful and meaningful gesture, as a watch is a very personal thing, worn very often, especially for important occasions. All the watches we sell are wonderful timepieces and can be sued as fantastic accessories. Every man should have a watch that adds a touch of class whist being very sentimental. We wholeheartedly recommend the vintage watches available on our website!