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The Montblanc manufacture does not have a long history, but certainly one which is colourful and intense. To get to know it better we need to go back in time to 1906. It was then that a stakeholder duo comprising Alfred Nehemias, a banker, and August Eberstein, an engineer, came up with the idea of creating a company that produced items of the highest quality. Their adventure began with the production of fountain pens. They made their unique items from ebonite and fitted them with a complete novelty – a dropper system in which the ink reservoir was the entire body of the pen. Their love of innovation is also reflected in their watches - not only in their innovative design, but also in their state-of-the-art movements.

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Montblanc watches – the best premium watches for the discerning

However, the brand did not officially adopt the name Montblanc until 1909. But why did a German manufacturer of (initially) fountain pens take the name of the highest mountain in the Alps? Legend has it that the idea came about during a card game when one of the participants compared the superior quality of a fountain pen to the highest peak in Europe. This is also the origin of the company logo, which is intended to depict the snowy peak of the mountain. However, these are not the brand's only connection with this beautiful mountain. The nibs of Meisterstück series pens bear the number 4810, which is the height of the mountain.

Montblanc is, of course, also about top-class watches. However, the watchmaking history of this company starts very late, only in 1997. The company unveiled its first ever watch at a famous Geneva fair, named similarly to its flagship pen models - the Meisterstück.

However, 2007 was a real turning point in the company's history. It was then that the company took over the Minerva manufacture, located in Villeret, Switzerland. It is a small watchmaker, with a tradition dating back to 1858 and a name derived from the goddess of craftsmanship and the arts. Joining forces has certainly worked out well for both companies. Today, the company boasts production of up to 100,000 watches a year, and the range is very varied and wide. From classic suit and heritage models to top-of-the-range smartwatches with a huge range of modern features. Montblanc has not given up on tradition, however; they still have a wide range of handmade movements. The best watchmakers at the Swiss manufacture in Villeret create masterpieces using traditional machinery and tools, as well as knowledge passed down from generation to generation.