Breitling watches

The watchmaker Breitling started its business in 1884 in Switzerland. In the small town of Saint-Imier, in the west of the country to be more precise. The young Leon Breitling founded a company that initially produced timepieces, but also a number of other industrial measuring devices. After the founder's death, his son Gaston took up the helm of the company and set about developing an innovative Breitling wristwatch with a chronograph, i.e., a movement with functions similar to today's stopwatch. This was to be a Breitling watch designed for pilots. The first model of this watch was successfully made in 1923. But before that, as early as 1915, Breitling was supplying aircraft cockpits with reliable measuring movements.

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A decisive moment for Breitling watches

The start of the brand’s relationship with the UK Air Force was a key moment for Breitling. This greatly influenced the prestige of the brand and the belief in the reliability of its watches. The reliability of Breitling watches, however, is not a legend, spun on account of its cooperation with the air force, but a fact. Breitling unwaveringly maintains the quality and reliability of its watches by using tried-and-tested movements made from using precious materials.

Even though the brand only unveiled its own chronograph movement in 2009, it was well worth the wait as it is innovative and exhibits incredible accuracy and faultless operation. With such a refined movement Breitling watches are simply perfect.

Significantly, too, Breitling watches are made only in Switzerland and all their movements are COSC certified, which is remarkable, as this can be said for only 3% of all Swiss watches. The COSC certification is a guarantee of precision and durability.

The unique style of Breitling watches

Breitling watches feature rather distinctive styling. These are quite complex watches, often with a large, masculine looking case. Their dials are usually quite full – with basic markers as well as additional functions, such as a chronograph, tachymeter or a stopwatch. However, they are always very aesthetically pleasing and clearly legible.