TAG Heuer watch - a synonym for luxury

TAG Heuer watches are unquestionably associated with luxury and accuracy. All thanks to the brand's tremendous innovation evident over the years. Edouard Heuer founded the company in 1860, aged just 20. Just nine years later, E. Heuer patented a new way of winding a watch, using a crown – a system we still use today in mechanical watches.

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Innovation is TAG Heuer’s middle name

In the context of innovation, another moment of considerable importance in the field of time measurement deserves attention. In 1916, E. Heuer constructed the Microgrpah, an instrument that was the first in the world to measure time with an accuracy of 1/100th of a second. At the same time, other stopwatches were measuring time with an accuracy of just 1/5th of a second.

As time went on, TAG Heuer refined its watches and stopwatches, creating the Microtimer in 1969, measuring time with an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second!

The desire to create products with a high degree of accuracy is evident in the brand's market position today. It is known for accuracy of its watches and great watchmaking innovation.

TAG Heuer watches we've come to love – iconic models

The brand continues to evolve in line with its founder's beliefs, making extraordinarily accurate watches of fantastic quality. TAG Heuer watches are not only accurate but also beautiful. Models such as the Carrera and the Monaco are just two of those that have a permanent place in watchmaking history.

Carrera collection watches are highly appreciated by men and by motor sport enthusiasts in particular. Mainly due to the fact that some watches feature a tachometer, a mechanism used to measure speed. However, there is more! Watches in this collection combine elegance with a sporty character. The dark colours, additional dials and other elements associated with motor sports contribute to the uniqueness of this series.

TAG Heuer watches - the timepieces of racing drivers

In the 1960s TAG Heuer watches established themselves as some of the most reliable and accurate timepieces on the market. That is why they became extremely popular with rally drivers. It was then that TAG Heuer began making watches associated with that sport. The limited edition watches featured logos and names of given teams or sponsors. Today, these watches are extremely prized by collectors who are prepared to pay truly enormous sums for a single piece. The best proof of the excellence and accuracy of TAG Heuer timepieces is the fact that from 1980 to 2015, Heuer was the official timepiece of the McLaren Formula 1 team. In addition, TAG Heuer is the official watch and sponsor of the Bundesliga and of the Premier League. Even the most demanding athletes have confidence in the accuracy of Tag Heuer watches.

TAG Heuer watches – the definition of excellence

In the years that followed, TAG Heuer only further established itself as a maker of the most accurate watches. A TAG Heuer watch was worn by John Glenn, who used it while piloting the Mercury-Atlas 6 rocket. This meant that TAG Hauer was the first Swiss watch in space. John Glenn used him as a backup stopwatch. This watch can still be seen today at the San Diego Air and Space Museum. It is one of the most popular exhibits in this museum. With this event, TAG Heuer proved that its watches are one of the most accurate timepieces money can buy.

TAG Heuer watches - power in minimalism

1963 was a special year for TAG Heuer. It was then that the great-grandson of the company's founder Jack Heuer unveiled his latest watch design to the world. Named the Carrera, the watch stood out with its minimalist design. The only numerals on the dials of these watches were on the registers of this timepiece. The TAG Heuer Carrera came in many different colours, so it was possible to choose a watch whose design best suited one’s personality and everyday attire.

TAG Heuer - Celebrity watches

TAG Heuer has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of luxury and innovative watches. For this reason, watches by this watchmaker are extremely popular with celebrities and world-class athletes. TAG Heuer watches are worn by the likes of Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Chris Hemsworth, Tiger Woods, Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. However, by far one of the most special people to wear a TAG Heuer watch was Steve McQueen. He used a TAG Heuer watch in the “Le Mans” film. The watch that featured in this film has since been referred to as the “McQueen Monaco”. TAG Heuer watches are very often chosen by businessmen, actors or luxury watch collectors for their high quality and very interesting design.