Hamilton watch - American character, Swiss precision movement!

        The Hamilton brand was established in America in 1893 in the state of Pennsylvania. A watchmaker was founded in the town of Lancaster, which emphasised quality above anything else. The first watches made by Hamilton were received very enthusiastically, which in turn further inspired the staff and designers to craft high-quality watches.

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Quality Hamilton watches!

       At the outset the Hamilton manufacture was mainly concerned with making watches for railway staff, who required precise timekeeping. This is what made the Hamilton manufacture grow so quickly and rapidly. Accurate timekeeping is paramount for railway staff to avoid collisions. History has seen incidents where collisions or accidents have occurred due to a fast watch. It was the desire to protection of human life that initiated the idea that every railway manager should have a watch equipped with an accurate timekeeping movement. With trains using passing loops, seconds could make a decisive difference. This is why Hamilton watches have had a major part to play in the operation of the railway.  

Hamilton brand growth

        The Hamilton brand began to grow quickly already after the First World War. Hamilton luxury watch models began to appear, addressed to customers looking for top-end timepieces. Today, these models have a great deal of collector value. The real turning point for the company, however, came in the 1950s. After absorbing Buren Watch Company, a Swiss watchmaker, Hamilton set about inventing the first automatic movement, aiming to eliminate many of the unnecessary components used in existing designs. The arrival of the Hamilton Ventura watch – the first battery-powered wristwatch – revolutionised the industry. Its distinctive triangular shape is still used in Heritage watch models today and is recognizable around the world. Elvis Presley was among those who loved such Hamilton watches. Discover our range and purchase the highest quality Hamilton watches which we certainly recommend!